Monday, October 15, 2007

The Third Saturday in October! 2007

This is the most important week of the year for me and many of my Vol brethren. Lately, younger fans consider Florida or Georgia bigger games, but even at 25, I know the hatred when I see it. Seriously, if you've always wondered why most of us hate Bammers, head over to and read what they have to say about Tennessee. Or, read this article from last season by me - fair warning, it's me without a censor button. I can't stand Bammers and I'd rather be 1-11 with a win over Alabama than 11-1 with a loss to them.

As for this blog, I again apologize to everyone that it's been sporadic. This has been the most insane month of my entire life, with a 5-year relationship taking a turn for the worse, and computer problems. I promise to the three of you who read this that I'll turn up the heat, especially this week.

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