Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Kurt Roper Immediately

A story I've been following intensely is the odd, weird story about Montario Hardesty not getting a single snap on Saturday in Tuscaloosa. The same Montario Hardesty who had the best 2-game stretch in his injury-riddled career the 2 games before the Tide game. The same Montario Hardesty that coaches raved about in 2005, 2006, and again in 2007. The same Montario Hardesty who did not give up after rehabbing a ligament tear and made it back to his top form.

Phil Fulmer in the post-game interview said he didn't know Montario didn't play. That statement alone should merit it's own blog entry. Then, with a day to think about it, Fulmer said that Coach Roper told him it was because they used so many "open sets" and that Hardesty didn't catch the ball well. Okay.

Then, on Sunday night, Montario Hardesty did not show up to practice. Originally, Fulmer said he, nor Montario's roommate, knew where Hardesty was. Keep that in mind, because on Monday afternoon, Hardesty was at practice. Where had he been? According to the coaches - sick in bed. Where was his bed? Not in his dorm room? I would imagine his roommate would notice him being sick in bed. Anyway, this is the smallest lie of them all.

Next, in an interview, Roper said, "Yes, Hardesty should have played in the game." Really? "It is just one of those things that happened." Excellent. Did you take the Phillip Fulmer seminar for coachspeak excellence, Mr. Roper? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Then, I quote the Volquest article:

"Roper said today (Tuesday) that there was not any kind of issue between him and Hardesty leading up to the Alabama game that prevented him from playing. There was some academic business that Roper told Hardesty to handle and Roper said he did, but the running backs coach said Hardesty was not being punished in any way on Saturday."

Take a deep breath to let all the info marinate. First, Fulmer says he didn't NOTICE Hardesty on the bench. Roper then says he should have gotten Hardesty in, but Montario needs to keep working hard. Hardesty misses practice, nobody knows where he is, but yet he's in bed sick. Roper says there were no pre-3rd Saturday issues with Hardesty.

Now back to the present. I speak to a few people, plus include an opinion from Brent Hubbs, about the Hardesty/Roper stuff. The things I hear are that there WAS an issue before the Alabama game between Roper and Hardesty. Apparently, Roper had a task for Hardesty to complete by a deadline (a deadline AFTER the Alabama game). By Saturday at 2:30 EST, Hardesty had not completed the deadline, but 2:30 EST on October 20th wasn't the deadline. Regardless, because said task was not completed yet, Hardesty did not play in a game that will keep Tennessee out of the race for the SEC East.

What's my point behind all of this? Kurt Roper is a liar, and Coach Fulmer is too loyal. Even without the information from sources, you, I, my deaf aunt Sally, and everybody else knew there was more to this story. Kurt Roper is a lying piece of junk. He helped bring down David Cutcliffe at Ole Miss, and now he's doing his part in making a mockery of this program. Seriously, look at either theory.

1. Kurt Roper punishes a running back for not meeting a deadline in the future.


2. Kurt Roper forgets to play the #2 running back.

Do either of those options make you confident in his abilities? NO! Now, add in his weasel attitude, his lies to the faces of UT fans, and you have a guy who should be canned immediately. What a joke.

And yes, Mr. Roper, I would be more than happy to let you sit in with me during my workday. Even if I lose an account, you won't see me lying about it.

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