Friday, June 06, 2008

Alex Bullard to Notre Dame

If you follow recruiting, you already know the news: Brentwood Academy OG Alex Bullard has verbally committed to Notre Dame this morning. GoVolsXtra has the story here

Unlike most, I'm not going meltdown about it for various reasons. Sure, it hurts to lose one of the best linemen in the state, especially when he has grown up as a fan of our Volunteers.

However, keep in mind that signing day is still 7 months away, and Notre Dame is still rebuilding. They could be anywhere from 4-8 to 8-4 this season, and if it falls closer to the bottom than the top, Bullard could change his mind.

Also, we're standing in good spots with a lot of highly rated offensive linemen across the country, as well as currently unrated linemen who will be great talents. Therefore, freaking out is probably a bit premature. Call me in January if we don't have any offensive linemen verballing.

Bullard did say academics played a major role in his decision, which begs the question: "Did anybody at UT pimp the Thornton Center?" The Volquest article from awhile back gave a great look at the center and how it helps the athletes.

Lastly, I'll spend time this weekend updating the recruiting board due to the commitment of Bullard, and the Vols handing out more scholarship offers. It should be up by Sunday night or early Monday morning.

Good luck to you, Mr. Bullard, and don't forget that it's not February.