Saturday, May 31, 2008

2009 Recruiting Board

This is the first installment of the 2009 Recruiting Board. I'm not great with HTML, so if you see any glaring miscues, let me know. Also, with it still being early in the process, it's hard to nail down where these kids stand. I'll update this weekly. Also, after the tables, you'll see the section called "On the Radar." This section lists some kids who should be getting UT offers soon. Hope you like the board.

Josh NunesCA****Vols, BYU, Stanford, UF, OU, othersUCLA got a commitment from another QB; we're in the top 8
Jordan ReedCT****Vols, UF, UConn, Iowa, BC, Duke, OregonLikes our former OC
Tate ForcierCA****Vols, ASU, UF, Mich, PSU, Oreg, othersBrothers at PAC 10 schools, might come to UT camp this summer; we're in the top 20

Running Back
Toney WilliamsGANRVols, UK, Indy, GT, NCStLoves the coaches and tradition
Dominique AllenTNNRVolsProjected at FB; All Vol already, and HS teammates with prospect Marsalis Teague
David OkuOK****Vols, FSU, Mich Neb, IllGreat friends with Gerald Jones's family
Desmond ScottNC****Vols, SEC, ACCSeems Clemson is the leader, and Tennessee is an afterthought currently
Jarvis GilesFL****Vols, UF, FSU, Clem, Ark, USCe, othersHad Vols as leader
Gabriel HunterTNNRVols, UK, Mem, VU, MissNot a lot out there - likes Bammer, but no offer
Tim EdmondOHNRVolsFullback - no offers outside of UT

Je'Ron StokesPA****VolsVerballed on 4/6, and loves everything about Tennessee
Marlon BrownTN*****Vols, all big time schoolsTalks with UT coaches regularly, but is also getting worked by Aaron Murray at Georgia; interested in basketball also
Rueben RandleLA*****Vols, LSU, UF, UGA, FSU, Bama, ND, OU, Miss, MiamiOle Miss and LSU leading(?); Vols will be in to meet with him soon
Chad BumphisMS****Vols, SEC, TTWide open, but likes UF, Bama, Miss St, and LSU; his HS QB Chris Garrett is committed to LSU
Alshon JeffreySC****Vols, Bama, UF, FSU, Mich, USCe, othersSays Bammer, South Carolina, and USC are his leaders, but the Trojans haven't offered
Lamar ScruggsFL****Vols, UF, Miss, FSU, Miami, Aub, WVU, Clem, othersLifetime Gator fan, but not so fast my friend; wide open
Zach RogersTNNRVols, OKST, Duke, Ark, Aub, Bama, UK, othersBrother of current UT WR Austin Rogers - says he feels home at Tennessee but is "wide open"
Orson CharlesFL****Vols, SEC, BC, FSU, Miami, Mich, many othersTight End; He's the prospect who broke the UF National Title Trophy; with the name "Orson," he's going to Florida
Thad McHaneyTNNRVols, UK, USCe, VUTE/DE; HS teammate and friend of OL prospect Alex Bullard; context clues point to UT being the one to beat, but it's early
Shaquelle EvansCA*****Vols, USC, LSU, ASU, OU, ND, Mich, othersWork to do, but will be visiting Tennessee

Offensive Line
Morgan MosesVA*****Vols, VT, UVA, WVU, UGA, Bama, othersMassive kid; really likes WR coach Latrell Scott; VT fans think UT is their biggest competition
Nick AlajajianFL***Vols, UF, FSU, UGA, Miami, ND, othersFlorida is on top, and it's not close
Marcus HallOH****Vols, Mich, tOSU, Ill, othersIllinois, Ohio State, and Michigan are the leaders, with the Vols at "low" interest
Xavier NixonNC****Vols, ND, UF, LSU, Mich, UGA, tons of great schoolsWill be making a top 10 list by the middle of June; I actually like where UT stands
Stavion LoweTX****Vols, ND, OU, OkSt, TAMU, othersTexas would be on top, but they haven't offered; thusly, Tennessee is on top
John MartinezUT****Vols, USC, LSU, UCLA, UF, UGAUSC leads, with LSU and UCLA 2nd and 3rd, respectively
Peter WhiteDC****Vols, UF, PSU, Mary, Ill, othersSays he's definitely coming to Tenn for a visit this summer; good feeling here
Alex BullardTN****Vols, Bama, Aub, ND, TAMU, Duke, othersLoves Coach Fulmer and thinks Coach Clawson is a "cool guy"; I would almost consider Bullard a lock
Johnnie FarmsGA****Vols, Bama, UGA, Aub, UF, OU, othersSeems like Alabama and Florida are the leaders, but he likes Coach Fulmer
Quinton WashingtonSC****Vols, Bama, Clem, Miami, USCeI think it will be hard to pull him out of state, but he seems wide open
Courtney EasterwoodTNNRVolsVols have only listed offer
Andre HarrisGANRVols, GT, Mary, NCStNo news on any leanings; have to like the competition so far
Kamran JoyerFLNRVols, USCeNot a lot of info, but Tennessee was the first to offer
Khalil WilkesNJNRVols, Rutg, Neb, WVU, Mary, slew of othersLooking at academics; teammate of Nyshier Oliver who loves Tenn; Vols are the best program with an offer

Defensive Line
Devon KennardAZ*****Vols, ASU, USC, UF, UCLA, LSU, othersHe lists USC and ASU as top 2, but Rivals lists UT as top "Medium" school
Sam MontgomerySC****Vols, UF, LSU, Clem, USC, USCe, Miami, othersMentions USC, USCe, Clemson, Florida St, Miami, LSU, and NC State as his tops right now
Ryne GiddensFL****Vols, UF, FSU, Aub, Miami, USFFlorida St probably leads
Dyron DyeFL****Vols, UF, FSU, USC, LSU, Miami, Aub, othersWide wide open; teammates with Ray Ray Armstrong and Andre Dubose
Jamil MerrellDENRVols, FSU, WVU, VT, Rutg, othersTwin brothers with LB Jamal; will be visiting UT
Craig DrummondIL****Vols, UF, LSU, tOSU, USC, othersKnows current Vol OT Ramone Johnson; wide open, quiet
DeOnte ArnettMD****Vols, UGA, tOSU, PSU, WVU, othersNobody is in his top 3 yet
William MingAL****Vols, Bama, Aub, LSU, UGA, ND, OU, Mich, othersI think it will be hard to pull him from the Bammers
Jason AnkrahMDNRVols, VT, WVU, Rutg, Mary, othersWide open, but he wants to visit UT and we'll be a good fit
Duane ChisolmSCNRVols, Clem, USCe, Bama, WVU, othersWe don't seem to be in the running
Lanford CollinsVANRVols, PSU, VT, UVA, WVU, othersNot a lot, but we offered in early May
Daniel HoodTNNRVols, Aub, FSU, UCLA, CU, othersWill be OL; grew up UT fan, but we're listed at "low" by Rivals
Anthony OrrALNRVols, Bama, Aub, Clem, othersOpen, but UT is behind the instate schools
Chris DavenportLA*****Vols, LSU, UF, Bama, USC, othersMight not be destined for LSU; UT in top 6
Jamarkus McFarlandTX*****Vols, LSU, Tex, OU, ND, UF, othersLSU, Texas, and Oklahoma far ahead; LSU could be the one to beat
Corey AdamsAZ****Vols, USC, UCLA, ASU, tOSU, UF, othersWide open, but USC will be hard to beat
Chris BondsSC****Vols, USC, USCe, ND, FSU, Bama, othersLikes USC and Alabama, but will visit Vols; sister wants to visit for UT softball
Demonte McAllisterFL****Vols, FSU, UGA, LSU, USC, UF, othersLikes USC and FSU, but didn't find UF "nice"
Darrington SentimoreLA****Vols, Bama, Aub, OU, othersNo LSU offer, but will come if he gets his grades in order
Raynard RandolphMDNRVols, UGA, WVU, Mary, Rutg, othersLikes WVU, but might camp in Knoxville this summer

Manti Te'oHI*****Vols, USC, ND, ASU, Oreg, UCLA, othersCousins with JT Mapu; says he's wide open, but USC has to be the favorite
Nico JohnsonAL****Vols, Bama, Aub, USC, UF, LSU, othersThis is a battle between Bama and War Eagle
Tana PatrickAL****Vols, Bama, UGA, USC, FSU, othersWants to take his visits; hard to take from the state
Jerod AskewVA****Vols, VT, WVU, OU, Mary, othersTennessee has a great shot
Chris WilliamsTX****Vols, LSU, OU, TAMU, Neb, TT, othersTennessee not in top 5
Daniel MackFLNRVols, Aub, USCe, Wisc, WVU, many othersSeems wide open, but mentions Spurrier
Jelani JenkinsMD*****Vols, USC, VT, UF, PSU, tOSU, other big onesHas family in Charleston, SC and doesn't mention Tennessee for visits
Frankie TelfortFL****Vols, USC, LSU, tOSU, UF, FSU, ND, many othersWide wide open; but mentioned 4/8 that USC, UF, ND, and GT on top
Barkevious MingoLA****Vols, LSU, Bama, OU, othersLSU is clear leader
Jamal MerrellDENRVols, FSU, WVU, VT, Rutg, othersTwin brothers with DE Jamil; will be visiting UT
Johnathan StewartLANRVols, GT, TAMU, Miss St, othersNo leaders right now

Defensive Back
Dre KirkpatrickAL*****Vols, Bama, Aub, USC, UF, LSU, UGA, many othersA lot of work to do, but will camp at Tennessee
Justin GreenKY****Vols, Bama, Aub, Miami, UK, Lou, othersSeems open, but wants to go to a place where he can grow as a person
Branden SmithGA****Vols, UGA, LSU, UF, ND, Mich, othersHigh on Tennessee and likes Eric Berry
Eric GordonTN****Vols, Bama, OU, Miss St, USCe, othersBrother Jamont plays BB at Miss St
Terry ShankleNC****Vols, UF, UNC, NCST, Clem, BamaHas us in his top 6; his uncle was coached by Dan Brooks
Jordan LoveVANRVols, UGA, PSU, UVA, Lou, othersWill try to visit Tennessee
Josh RobinsonFLNRVols, USF, Aub, Miss, othersTeammates with DB Brandon McGee; likes UF, but no offer
Roderick SweetingGANRVols, Clem, VT, Aub, Bama, othersWide open, but doesn't mention visiting Tennessee
Darren MylesGANRVols, UGA, LSU, UF, ND, Bama, Aub, othersSeems wide open; will trim his list soon
Vladimir EmilienFLNRVols, Mich, tOSU, Aub, Ill, othersOhio State leads, with Michigan #2
Gabe LynnOK****Vols, OU, USC, UF, LSU, othersFriends with UT prospect David Oku, watched Meachem play in HS
Angelo HadleyFLNRVols, UGA, Aub, Mich, USF, othersWide open and planning visits
Gerald HodgesNJNRVols, PSU, Rutg, BC, Pitt, othersPenn St and Rutgers might be top two
Rod WoodsonMSNRVols, Bama, Mich, Miss St, Miss, othersHe says Alabama is on top, then Ole Miss

Damien ThigpenVA****VolsCommitted on 4/20; loves everything about Tennessee
Andre DeboseFL****Vols, UF, FSU, tOSU, USC, othersTeammates with Ray Ray Armstrong and Dyron Dye; most likely a packaged deal; not talking about Tennessee
Logan ThomasVA****Vols, Aub, Clem, VT, WVU, UVA, othersUT recruiting him as TE; visited the O&W game
Ronnie Wingo, Jr.MO****Vols, Mizz, OU, Neb, Bama, othersPlanning visits, but grew up an OU fan
Ray Ray ArmstrongFL****Vols, UF, FSU, ND, LSU, UGA, othersTeammates with Andre Debose and Dyron Dye; probably a package; not talking about Tennessee
EJ BanksPA****Vols, ND, tOSU, Pitt, Ill, othersOhio State is clear leader for now
Corey BrownPA****Vols, tOSU, Mich, ND, PSU, Pitt, othersWide open, but Tennessee seems an afterthought
Montrell ConnerLA****Vols, OU, Bama, Miss St, Miss, othersWould go to LSU, but they have not offered
Brandon McGeeFL****Vols, USC, UF, tOSU, LSU, UGA, othersWide wide open, but knows Vlad Richard and Demetrice Morley, and Drayton is working his magic
Josh BoydMS****Vols, Bama, LSU, Miami, Mich, Miss, othersProjected DL; likes the idea of staying in state but will visit Tennessee
Stephon GilmoreSC****Vols, UF, Clem, USCe, tOSU, PSU, othersTennessee interests him, Slade says he could play early; knows Jon Hefney and loves our coaches
Nyshier OliverNJNRVols, PSU, Pitt, Rutg, othersTeammate Khalil Wilkes says Oliver has Tennessee in lead
David SimsSCNRVols, UF, Mich, Bama, USCe, UNC, othersWide open, but Rivals has Tennessee on top(?)
Joe StewartGANRVols, GT, Mizz, M(OH), MTSUTT leads but they haven't offered
Marsalis TeagueTNNRVols, Miami, Mich, Clem, Miss, othersIn the running, but he likes Michigan a lot; teammate Dominique Allen already committed to Tennessee

On the Radar
LB Cody Ledford, Tallahassee, FL
RB/LB David Jones, South Pittsburg, TN
RB Andre Harris, Torrance, CA
WR Jamarielle Brown, Paducah, KY
C Sam Simpson, Lexington, KY
DT Mister Cobble, Louisville, KY
LB Nigel Mitchell-Thornton, Stone Mountain, GA
DB DJ Swearinger, Greenwood, SC
DT William Campbell, Detroit, MI (committed to Michigan)
QB Clayton Moore, Louisville, MS
RB Morgan Alexander, Cartersville, GA
RB Warren Norman, Chamblee, GA
DB Stephon Morris, Greenbelt, MD (committed to Penn State)
TE Joseph Sloan, Nashville, TN
OG Will Jackson, Knoxville, TN
WR Xavier Rhodes, Miami, FL
DT Curtis King, Memphis, TN
LB Derrick Webb, Memphis, TN
DB Gene Robinson, Memphis, TN
OT Logan Massengale, Brentwood, TN
DT Curtis Porter, Charlotte, NC
TE Malcolm Bush, Hackensack, NJ
LB Ridge Wilson, Louisville, KY
TE Darrell Smith, Gadsden, AL
DE Brian Johnson, Charlotte, NC
ATH Ka'lial Glaud, Atco, NJ
LB DT Shackelford, Decatur, AL
TE Leneil Brown, Teaneck, NJ
DT Barry Dabney, Brentwood, TN
ATH Theron Norman, Richmond, VA

Whew, lots of work. Let me add this: if you ever see someone on a forum named "NYCVol010," listen to everything he has to say. He's the man, and he'll soon have his own recruiting site, which we'll pimp vigorously.


MoonDogLeft said...

Excellent post dude. My nephew plays with Marlon Brown at Harding Academy in Memphis. I've written two articles about him and I spoke to him recently during spring practice.

USC is pursuing him very strongly. Pete Carroll paid him a personal visit earlier this year and QB Matt Barkley, the nation's No. 1 ranked player and a commit to USC, has called him several times.

I'll be in touch with Marlon throughout the summer and I'll keep everyone posted.

Go Big Orange!

MoonDogLeft said...

Forgot to mention I'll post a link to you from my site. I came across your site at YMSWWC.

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