Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Bench Press, Batman!

Justin Groves, of Rock Solid Sports on WUTK Radio (UT's student radio station), just reported that Jacques McClendon broke the Tennessee bench press record by pressing 635 pounds! Good Lord, man, that's like 1.5 Manginos.

Vladimir Richard also benched an amazing 600 pounds today. This furthers my belief that Vlad is the baddest man in the world, and maybe even the entire campus. If Tebow is a Baby Rhino, then Vlad is like a .... Real Rhino. Too bad Vlad isn't on the defensive line to create a Rhino v Rhino matchup in September.

Lastly, Groves said Gerald Jones, of Orange and White game dominance and future legend of the program, benched 335 pounds and had a 41 inch vertical leap today. It's as if he's athletic or something. Gerald, he of 72 inches and 190ish pounds, can bench press a Phil Fulmer. That's sick, both literally and slang-edly.

Groves, against his own wishes, is going to be a roundabout contributor to The Power T in the future. I'll have his insights from the Orange and White game up as soon as I get the energy to e-mail him the questions. Blame me, and Canada.

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