Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tennessee Signee Ineligible

As of this writing, Tennessee's JUCO signee, S Nevin McKenzie from Athens Valley Trinity Community College in Texas, has been ruled ineligible due to a recruiting violation during an official visit. Here are some details from
"The recruiting violation involved food and lodging for the recruit's sister Jan. 10-12, according to UT's report, which was obtained through an open-record's request by the News Sentinel. UT became aware of the violation when the SEC notified the school that it had received a report regarding impermissible expenses.

UT reported that it covered those travel expenses for McKenzie's sister, Keisha, because assistant coach Trooper Taylor thought she was the recruit's legal guardian.

In UT's defense, it wrote that McKenzie's sister told Taylor she had acted as Nevin's legal guardian for the past few years when his mother was in prison. She said she had listed her brother as a dependent on her federal tax returns, the report stated. However, when asked if she had been appointed as his legal guardian by a court or state agency, she said she had not, according to UT's report.

UT stated that McKenzie's sister will be required to pay the $188.17 for two nights lodging and three meals to a charity of her choice."

McKenzie is expected to battle for a starting position at safety, and a lot of diehards already have him pencilled in as a starter. He hits people like a mack truck, has perfect size (6'2", 210) and can blaze (4.4 speed).

It sounds like he will be reinstated when his sister pays the $188.17 to charity, so I'm not too terribly worried about McKenzie staying ineligible. If this does end up going the wrong route, then Jarod Parrish (who had 4 scrimmage interceptions this spring) would become the favorite to be the starter on September 1st in Berkeley.
"Yo! Please let dis boy play, son! I'm the next Deon Grant, hustla!"

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