Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Steve Spurrier is Tougher than R. Lee Ermey

Steve Spurrier is such a hardass. I mean, really, how do these players stand to play for such a tough-nosed, relentless, disciplinarian? You remember his days at Florida - he was the Alcatraz of college football punishment. Now, he's at it again. From the Associated Press:

"South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia had his suspension for being arrested twice lifted by coach Steve Spurrier."


"The freshman was arrested Feb. 17 and charged with drunkenness and failure to stop for a police officer. He was suspended after the incident but then reinstated. He was arrested a second time March 3 on charges of malicious injury to personal property after a professor reported that Garcia had used a key to scratch the man's car."
I'm wetting my pants just looking at you ...
Uh, Stephen? Holding a necklace?

So, Garcia missed all of two months for two crimes. It must be something in the Gainesville water. Once you drink it, you never have a spine ever again. First Spurrier, then Meyer, and now Spurrier again. I wonder if the Ol' Ball Coach called Stephen's mom and told her to come to the principal's office because Stephen was a bad boy and didn't play well with others. "Two laps!" screamed Spurrier. Classy McClasserson.

This guy? Or ...

... this guy? Make your choice.

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