Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vol Blogs Tuesday and Starters Note

First, I have updated the current starting lineup graphic here. Fall practice will bring about plenty of changes, so check it weekly if you like it.

Second, Rocky Top Talk posted the #3 signee from our recruiting class, Brent Vinson. This is, in my opinion, the best RTT prospect report yet. Vinson has been wowing people in campus this summer, from all reports. He already has the physical tools, and is apparently picking up the mental aspect of the game.

Third, Fulmer's Belly continues to fake us out by posting every 5 days or so. He's going to the Cal game, I'm going to the Cal game. Hopefully Joel from RTT is going. Beers for both if they go.

Fourth, I just realized there are only 3 UT year-round blogs.

(ugh, longer than I had hoped - wishing I hadn't said "First" up top) I've got a special e-mail interview/Q&A with Chris from Smart Football about the pros and cons of the no huddle, as well as other facets about the approach. His blog is incredible if you like the deep Xs and Os of college (and pro) football. Look for that soon.

Sixth, and finally, I have set up a Q&A with Nico at Roll Bama Roll (one of the good Alabama fans out there) about their expectations for 2007. I'll probably cross-post that at College Football Authority. Keep an eye for that, as well.

Alright, keep visiting, as I have some super secretive plans that could take this blog to a better level.


RockyTopTalk said...

Man, how much are you guys shelling out to make it to the Cal game? I'd love to be there, but alas, I'll be in front of my t.v. Besides, somebody's going to have to hold down the live blog fort anyway, right? Y'all need to send Andy and me updates on the atmosphere from inside the stadium.

Doug Coffin said...
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Doug Coffin said...

General Admission tickets went on sale on Sunday for $44 each, but are sold out.

I live in Arizona for the time being, so my flight will be cheap-o!

I'll be more than happy to send you updates. Shall we trade phone #s via e-mail so I can text?

RockyTopTalk said...

I could swing the $44, but living in the Tri-Cities, I have to drive six hours or pay a couple hundred bucks to fly to a hub somewhere before I can get another flight. The sticks have advantages and disadvantages, I guess.

Here's my email so we can exchange numbers: rockytoptalk@gmail.com.

Enjoying your Swindleanche today?

Doug Coffin said...

The Swindleanche is more powerful than I ever anticipated.