Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Current Starting Lineup

NOTE: You can click on the image to enlarge it. I can barely read it without enlarging it, and I have eyes like a hawk.

July 11th: I thought this might be a cool little diddy for the blog. I'll add a link to it on the side with updates every time we change our starting 22. Right now, you won't see the new freshmen or JUCOs in the lineup, because they haven't been named starters. Ryan Karl could be replaced on this, but I decided not to. Maybe the graphic is awful - if it is, tell me.

July 17th:
Inserted Anthony Parker at starting guard, due to Brent Hubbs saying he locked a spot down. The other guard spot is between Foster, McClendon, and Richard - so I put Foster. Moved Young back to LT and Scott to RT. Scott had a good spring by all accounts, but it seems Young is still the LT for now. OLB Ryan Karl has a back injury, but there hasn't been word on how serious it really is, yet. Once we know, we'll change the graphic. We'll see a ton of changes to this once the players start fall practice on August 3rd. The two corners, two receivers, running back, strong safety, and guard spots could all have different starters before September 1st in Berkeley.


Corey said...

have any of the other players been named starters?

if not, the freshmen and juco should be considered because they have a better chance of starting than some of the people currently on this starting lineup.

Doug Coffin said...

Yes, UT Sports released a depth chart awhile back, but their new (read: awful) website doesn't have it. VOlquest has Coker at RB, but Foster started the O&W game. I'll update it after any new announcements.

And yes, I fully anticipate Eric Berry, Deangelo Willingham, Nevin McKenzie, and Kenny O'Neal to start by Game 1 or 2.

Also, Vinson and Jones will probably push.