Sunday, July 15, 2007

Reminder for Cal Tickets

Vol fans: As of right now, the Cal ticket office is selling general admission and other reserved seating tickets on their website. Tomorrow you can order by phone. I bought mine today. Here is the link.

We sold out our 7,500 allotment to the donors, which is great! If we have get 5,000-7,500 MORE people into Memorial Stadium, we'll take up almost 25% of the venue! $44 for a general admission seat, and I advise that all of us arrive early and get to the Blue Zone, to make sure we sit near Section PP, the visitors' section. Check it out on this seating chart.

Our presence matters! Remember Miami, 2003? We brought soomething like 25,000 UT fans and ended Miami's home winning streak. BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE NOW, HURRY!

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