Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Proof that Bammers are Scum

Let me preface this entry by saying that not all Alabama fans are Bammers. Bammers are the Tide's version of asshole fans - fans that don't understand that while college football is life, it really isn't. Some things are bigger than athletics, to say the least.

Onto why Bammers are scum.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski posted a story yesterday about the Jason Foundation, a foundation that helps children and teenagers battling with depression and suicidal thoughts/tendencies/etc. Basically, the article went in depth about how the Flatt family lost a son to suicide, started the foundation, and went to Coach Fulmer to help. Fulmer got 100% behind the foundation, helping raise donations at events, putting money in from his own pocket, and generally being the face of the foundation. You should really read the entire article.

Obviously, being a Tennessee alumnus, I am extremely proud to see a fellow Volunteer do such charitable things, especially someone with such power and wealth. You would imagine that people would respect the foundation and what Fulmer has done. NOPE!

If you head on over to www.tidefans.com, you'll see a thread started on the forums about the article from Woj. The replies start out respectful enough, I guess. However, it spiraled pretty quickly. I'll quote some of the highlights.

"As for Fullmer, I don't care if he saved 100 puppies from drowning until he does something for Alabama or admits he did wrong I hope he rots in hell." (from an ADMINISTRATOR of the site)

"Phil is a scumbag of the worst order."

Followed by ringing endorsements of this sick mindset. Things like, "This just about sums up my feelings for the fat one north of us," and, "You are correct, one at a boy does not make up for all the lying, cheating, scumbag, underhanded secret witness crap."

To be fair, some ALABAMA fans had nice things to say about Fulmer's involvement with the foundation. On the other hand, I can't imagine another rival team's message board being as harsh as this one. Bammers are classless, delusional individuals. You must realize that the charity work Fulmer, Saban, Richt, etc. do is far, far bigger than the game we love. I can't begin to fathom having football rivalries taking priority over human improvement. This foundation has and will save hundreds of kids' lives, but yet, you Bammers couldn't give a shit about that? You care more about baseless stories about "lies" Fulmer has told the NCAA. Yes, Fulmer was a secret witness in a case that was proof of your administration's actions, of which you cannot question the validity. You continue to spout on about how "Fulmer lied about Shaun Alexander, lied about this, lied about that." SHOW US, THEN! Show us something from that investigation that outlines all of "Fulmer's lies." You might find one lie, no more.

In the end, I'm disappointed that people can act like that. This is football, and while I'll sacrifice a lot of things to enjoy the game I love, I know where the game should be on my list of priorities.

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