Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Florida Gators are the Bengals of the NCAA

The Gainesville Sun is reporting that two Gator athletes were arrested last night, one of which is on the football team. Brandon James, who played punt and kick returner, last season, was arrested for drug possession.

We all know exactly what's going to happen here. He'll run the stadium steps for at 6am for 3 days.

Then, he'll sit in timeout for Florida's games against Western Alaska Tech and St. Mary's School for Cancer Survivors.

And lastly, the Monday after beating SMSFCS 60-3, Mr. James will receive the roughest spanking ever, maybe even with a hair brush, just in time to play against Tennessee.

I know this course of consequences will show Mr. James the light, and the rest of the team will follow suit. Hopefully, the entire landscape of the football universe will take notice of Urban Meyer's strict policy at the university. Our world can only get better if they do.

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