Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Orange Roundtable, Volume 1, Week 2

We keep rolling along with the Big Orange Roundtable this week. Last week, 3rd Saturday in Blogtober hosted the questions, so check those out if you haven't already. I got the short straw and got Week 2, but I kinda like it. We should have some fun questions mixed in with serious football questions. So, here they are, the BOR questions for Week 2.

1. A position of strength for the Vols this fall should be wide receivers. Which 2 guys will emerge from the pack to start the opener against UCLA alongside Lucas Taylor? Why?

I hate to be boring, but I think at UCLA, Austin Rogers and Josh Briscoe will be the Y and Z receivers for the Vols. Both have weaknesses, yes, but overall, they were adequate 2nd and 3rd options. Rogers had some drops and didn't do a ton after the catch. Briscoe isn't all that dynamic, but he is consistent. Of course I love Gerald Jones, and he could eventually work his way into the starting lineup, but I think in a hostile road environment, in a game Tennessee has to have, it will be the proven guys.

2. Which game on the schedule do you, as a fan, need Tennessee to win for your own sanity and happiness? Why?

For me, it's Alabama. I know the Florida game is more important in achieving goals, but have you been to Alabama boards in the past 8 months? One big victory over us, and they think Alabama now owns Fulmer. I cannot fathom dealing with a losing streak to those suckers. If we lose that game, at home, with a team I think is destined for very good things, then I'll lose it. I'll just ... I'll just ... I'll just ... looooose it, man.

3. What are your thoughts on the 8-win clause in Coach Fulmer's new contract that automatically rolls his contract over another year if he wins 8 games in a season?

Frankly, I hate it more than I hate Ann Coulter. It's an awful, preposterous addition to an already questionable extension. 8 wins? Really? Since when is that cause for reward? 8 wins in a 12 game regular season is easy. Add in the bowl, and it's downright elementary, Watson. I just don't understand giving away free money. Keep it, or let the students come for free, or buy Chief a mustache comb - SOMETHING. 8 wins? Ugh.

4. What is your favorite gameday recipe, whether for tailgating or in your own kitchen? Explain why in delicious detail.

I have a killer queso dip recipe that I found, but I forget where. I'm at work right now, so at lunch, I'll post that as well as my bacon wrapped hot dog recipe. Sorry for forgetting to bring that to work.

5. You have a tag team championship match against the Legion of Doom coming up. Which current Volunteer do you choose as your tag team partner? Why?

Vladimir Richard, hands down. Have you seen this man? He's part man, part deity, part beastly Gorilla, and part of my tag team. See, not even Hawk or Animal could handle Vlad the Impaler. They'd be all, "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHATARUSH!" and he'd END them instantaneously with the VladBomb, a variation the Powerbomb, except onto a bed of nails and scorpions. All I would ever have to do is have my trunks stocked with that crazy white powder that apparently blinds people just long enough for us to cheat, but no longer. We'd be unstoppable.

Go forth, fellow Volggers, and answer questions. I'll post the others below.

3rd Saturday in Blogtober
Moondog Sports
Southeastern Sports Blog
Rocky Top Talk


lawvol said...


I like it!

Rocky Top Talk said...

Sweet are the uses of adversity. Rocky Top Talk's response is up.

lawvol said...

Lawvol's long-winded responses, including his world-famous "Magna-rita" recipe (as seen on the Food Network), are up.

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