Monday, August 27, 2007

Cal Has GOT to be Kidding Me!

So, an excellent find was linked at Volquest. This video ... I sat in disbelief. This video that was linked was like the tape in The Ring, but I haven't been called by the voice of doom yet. I knew as soon as I watched it that I would never forget it. First, before I get to THE video I'm talking about, show you two Tennessee football game intros. Let me just ... just watch these first.

Okay, now that you've watched how we do it in the 865, watch the Cal intro from 2006. Try to hold your chuckles.

Okay okay okay okay. I've watched that over 20 times and I'm still giggling. Really? Is that it? I'm sure they get a bit more amped up for USC, but come on! It's the home opener! I love the MC. I really feel for the guy. He reminds me of the MC for the high school talent show that everybody is sleeping through. He's trying to get everyone up, out of their seats, and clapping. But 10 people respond. Literally. This is pathetic, Cal fans! I don't mean to pound the whole "Southern football owns Western football" angle, but my LORD get EXCITED! You can actually hear conversations from those around the camera.

What about the fan-created entry line? My high school had around 2,000 students, and we did the same thing. You can clearly hear one guy semi-emphatically cheer "Wooo" around the 31s mark. Is that smoke? From a smoke machine? Or did Joe Camel sit in that section? It's like the fans woke up Saturday morning, and asked each other "What do you want to do today? Maybe we could go to the mall ... or that football game thing."

I'll be able to see this in person on Saturday!


ted said...

Here's your Cal warm up...

Enjoy the beat down on Saturday Rocky Top.

bdub said...

So there's no way Tennessee can lose this game right?

I mean, there's no tradition in Berkeley, no one there cares, they can't recruit anywhere near the level of talent of Tennessee.

Football is life for Vols fans whereas in the Bay Area most people are occupied with other things.

What would it say if a California team and fans giving a half-hearted effort were to beat a Tennessee who view this as "LIFE!"

Makes you wonder what Cali could do if they cared.

John said...

Tennessee fans are quitters. 14 points down, 6+ minutes left, the two orange sections in Memorial Stadium are emptying faster than junk food down Fulmer's gullet. Fans are just POURING up the stairs and out of the stadium. What kind of fans leave with 6+ minutes to go down by two touchdowns? Were they trying to beat the traffic?