Thursday, October 12, 2006

Players of the Last Week You Haven't Heard of

We've all heard about Troy Smith, Mario Manningham, Erik Ainge, Garrett Wolfe, etc etc etc. Each week, I think I'd like to point out some very productive players who won't garner facetime on ESPN, FSN, houserockbuilt, and others. :)

  • Bryan Cupito - Minnesota QB: Against Penn State, Cupito completed 25 of 36 passes for 347 yards and 2 TDs against an athletic PSU defense. With the Gophers unable to run the ball consistently, Cupito took the offense on his shoulders and carried the team to a very close loss. And Gopher fans, please quit sobbing about the bad call in OT ... you were lucky to get that far.
  • La-Rod Stephens-Howling - Pittsburgh RB: Jesus H. Christ Almighty! I rejoice for your performance, but damn your name all to Hell. If I ever mention you again, La-Rod, you will be known as LaRSH ... yes, that's easier. LaRSH's previous season high in 2006 was 66 yards against the famous Citadel defense. Against the Orange of Syracuse, he busted out for 221 yards on 27 carries. One was 70 yards, but even 151 on 26 is incredible. Good job last week LaRSH.
  • P.J. Hill - Wisconsin RB: Another 200+ performance from an unknown stud RB. Hill had actually shown a lot of skills earlier this season, rushing for over 100 in 4 of 5 games. But against Northwestern, he did whatever he wanted. 35 carries, 249 yards, and a touch. He's a big boy, too, but he's short. 5'11" and 242 yards. During his long run, he was caught from behind (because he's big and slow for a RB), but the defender looked like a lamb hitting the hood of a car.
  • Earl Bennett - Vanderbilt WR: One of my favorite unknown players in the SEC. Bennett had 876 yards receiving last season ... as a freshman(!) ... in the SEC (!!!). Against Ole Miss this past weekend, he had 10 catches for 179 yards. ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE YARDS! Plus, he told this guy to talk to the hand ...

This will become a weekly update and will probably become more streamlined. So, for the 0 of you who frequent this blog, stick with it.

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