Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life is Under Control

Good news fans - I have time to once again devote to this blog. As I've alluded to in a previous entry, my life during the early months of the football season had some drastic changes. I drank more due to that, so couldn't put together a great blog.

But now, I'm back with a renewed sense of dedication and creativity. We'll be covering the BasketVols with great passion, and will begin talking recruiting for football.

So, stick with me this year, it should be far far more consistent, and thus, enjoyable.


crazyDan said...

Are you going to talk bad about UT when they are in position to win the SEC?

Doug Coffin said...
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Doug Coffin said...

Just because someone wasn't confident in a team that was obliterated by it's 2 rivals doesn't mean that person is unhappy with the final outcome.

NOBODY, not even YOU, was confident after the 41-17 beating in Tuscaloosa.

But I cheered our guys on every second just like you. Just because someone is critical doesn't mean he's not a true fan.

If you keep bringing that bullshit, it won't stay on here.

Honestly, I'm all for you disagreeing with me - I like that. But don't bring weak, incredibly ignorant arguments.