Thursday, September 13, 2007

Knocked the F Out

In response to Orson Swindle's entry about Joey Kent getting demolished in 1996, I'm posting a video that a fellow UT fan posted on YouTube, this one of Kelvin Kight getting knocked the F out by Eddie Moore. Rex Grossman at his best, making ridiculously ill-advised throws, typically resulting in hatred from his receivers. Rex was trying to be Brett Favre on this one, I believe. If we continue with that analogy, then Eddie Moore is a bottle of painkillers.

Orson, this week, I hate your guts. This week, I think dirtbags find you disgusting. And your feet smell like 3 month old carrot soup that was left in the fridge. Trust me, it's bad.

1 comment:

Ryan Ferguson said...

Yeah, but... that hit isn't nearly as good as Wright's.