Monday, January 01, 2007

Boise Arrives!

"Boise State doesn't deserve to be in the BCS!"

"Oklahoma is going to pound Boise."

"Boise will get killed."

All of the above phrases could have been heard around bars, offices, homes, and everywhere else over the course of the holidays. There was no way Boise could hang with a BCS conference powerhouse school like Oklahoma. No way, no how. Well, they did.

Not only did the Broncos of Boise hang with Bob Stoops and the 11-1 Sooners (don't correct me), the Broncos BEAT Bob Stoops, Paul Thompson, ADRIAN PETERSON, and the pressure of playing for all mid-major football programs in the country. What will people say now?

"Boise got lucky!"

"Oklahoma overlooked them!"

Those people will be wrong. Oklahoma had 406 total yards to Boise State's 378. Ian Johnson ran for more total yards and yards per carry than 2007 1st Round Draft Pick Adrian Peterson. Even after Oklahoma put the dagger into the hearts of all of Boise, the Broncos pulled the dagger out, licked the blood off the blade, and stuck it into Norman. Boise State beat the Oklahoma Sooners, no excuses.

Will a mid-major ever play for a national title in the current BCS system? I doubt it. The conference strength of schedule just isn't there, and it won't be for awhile. However, the Broncos cooked the crow the best way they knew how, and served it to about 99% of the football fan community. "Well done," was my request.

Oh, and Ian Johnson became engaged in the postgame interview.

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